Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Indonesia Earthquake

My heart goes out to the Indonesian people affected by the recent earthquake in Indonesia. I travelled extensively in that area in 1984, and then I lived in Jakarta from 1987 through 1992. The Indonesians have been through so much over the past ten years - a huge financial crisis, a political revolution (where they finally kicked out Suharto), the tsunami, and now this.

The aid community and government are getting better at responding quickly, but this earthquake will still affect hundreds of thousands of people for years to come (on top of the 5,000+ who have died). Fortunately, we are entering a stage of history where it is now possible for us to reach across the ocean to help these families. To help through GlobalGiving, go here:

Provide Relief to Indonesian Earthquake Victims
Provide medical and housing assistance to the victims of the Indonesia earthquake, which hit May 26. Immediate needs include medical care, food, and shelter.
Theme: Health | Location: Indonesia | Need: $25,000
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