Saturday, June 03, 2006

"Anyone who says that are not using it is lying."

Earlier I posted about a session at PCForum this year where the founder of Facebook spoke.

More recently I read an excellent article about the rise of by John Cassidy in the New Yorker. In the article, Facebook founder Zuckerberg argues that the secret of Facebook's success is how it gives each user total control over what personal detailsthat they display to every other person. This allows people to form a web of very nuanced networks, revealing different amounts of information to different people - just like they would in real life.

Last night I met with a group of 15 high school students who are interning on Capitol Hill here in Washington for the spring term.

I was stunned that **every single one of them** uses Facebook, and they said that anyone at their school who claims not to is lying. One girl, a senior, said that she had decided that very day to try to go cold turkey and quit, but that she was not sure she would succeed.