Friday, June 23, 2006

REAL international giving

The US is by far the largest source of philanthropic giving in the world, and most donors to projects listed on GlobalGiving come from the US.

But over the past year we have seen a steady stream of donors from other countries, not only in Europe but also India, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Canada. This trend has accelerated recently, with almost twenty percent of all donors last week coming from outside the US.

Some of this increase is due to innovative companies like the Gap, which are now providing matching funds for their employees who live outside the US for specific GlobalGiving-listed initiatives focused on Indonesia Earthquake Recovery.

We have gotten emails from donors outside the US who are thrilled to have the opportunity to join others in supporting specific projects. These emails make me feel like we are making some progress toward our vision of GlobalGiving as a world-wide community of people working together to make our planet a better place.