Thursday, July 20, 2006

Opening Pandora's Box

Today in an internal meeting we were discussing how to help people - potential donors - find projects of interest to them. Currently we allow them to search by country and/or theme (e.g., environment). We are in the process of redesigning this to better emulate how people really search.

Jim Krejci, our CFO (who is by his own admission not a design guy), observed: "You know, Pandora has the right idea - you don't have to tell it what kind of music you like, you just tell it examples of songs or artists you like, and it takes it from there. "

I agree. Pandora is one of the few new services that has made it onto "autoload" in my firefox browser. It is a unique cross between iTunes and online radio.

If you have not used Pandora yet, you should check it out.