Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Soon after we started GlobalGiving, I met Charles Best, who had just started a site called DonorsChoose. While GlobalGiving enables donors to give directly to causes overseas, DonorsChooses enables donors to give directly to projects designed by school teachers in the US.

GlobalGiving and DonorsChoose share a similar philosophy, approach, and values. This has made it possible for us to collaborate more and more. Sometimes we swap ideas about technology, marketing, or back-office processing. Other times we work together on stories that appear in print, radio, or TV.

I like Charles and I like DonorsChoose.

As DonorsChoose says, the first few weeks of school can make all the difference for at-risk kids. And so they have launched something called The Back to School Challenge. They are trying to raise $1.2 million before the end of September. I funded a project to promote reading in the science classrooms in North Carolina. What are you going to fund?