Monday, September 18, 2006

Pandora Giving

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Pandora & GlobalGiving's partnership to promote Philanthropy for Music Education. Their investors have even agreed to match the first $7,500 donated to any of the three projects featured.

If you don't know Pandora you should check it out right now. It is a web-based radio-type service where you act as your own DJ. You give it examples of music you like (artists, songs) and it constructs a customized station for you. It has spread like wildfire, and even within our office we compete over who gets to play "their" stations during the day.

But Pandora also distinguishes itself by its values. While they are a hard core company, their DNA is to help good music and musicians get discovered and heard around the world. They have a special fondness for the undiscovered gems out there. What I call the underdogs.

I am going to quote from Pandora's founder, Tim Westergren, who says it best:

"One of the most important founding principles of Pandora is a respect for music and for those who create it. It has long been our desire to support the music community and to be actively involved in music-related causes. Music has a long history as both an effective agent of social change, as well as a powerfully transformative art for individuals.

We're very pleased to begin this mission through our partnership with GlobalGiving. We hope you will join us in supporting these worthy causes. We have carefully chosen organizations with a broad reach, and a proven history of effective action."

Thank you, Tim, and thank you, Pandora. We are honored to be partners.