Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What would Susan say?...

Anyone who has observed the nonprofit and philanthropic sector over the last decade cannot help but be struck by its growth, evolution, and emerging sophistication. For anyone here who has wished growth upon this sector, you have certainly been granted your three wishes by the Growth Genie. There are more nonprofits and philanthropies, and more large nonprofits and philanthropies than ever before. While it is true that some 60% of all nonprofits have $100,000 or less in annual revenue, the number of nonprofits with revenues of $10 million or more has increased by 73% in the last ten years. The sector is growing both at the bottom of the pyramid and at the top. (From Three Wishes for the Growth Genie: Our Sector Confronts Expansion.)

No one is a more astute observer of trends in philanthropy than Susan Raymond, who writes for Whether you are a newcomer or an old hand in the field, I highly recommend Susan's columns. She often sees trends well before others, and she is an expert at teasing out interesting insights from boring reports you might see elsewhere. The article above talks about the dramatic growth of the philanthropy sector, and how it brings about increased scrutiny, a greater need for transparency, and ultimately better leadership.