Thursday, March 22, 2007

And the winner is.....?

Well, I am not allowed to tell you who the winners of the IYVS Project Challenge are (see blog entry below). They will be announced shortly, so stay tuned.

But I can tell you that about $25,000 was raised from more than 200 donors for these student-led projects in three weeks.

And this is only the beginning - IYVS tells us that they plan to replicate this on campuses around the country - and then around the world!


Here are the winners - check them out:

project picture
Creating a Sustainable Water Initiative in Jazmin
We will build a water treatment system with the community of Jazmín and work with its members to create and implement a water education campaign to ensure project sustainability and replicability. Learn more
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Location: Costa Rica | Theme: Health | Need: $35,000
project picture
Project FOCUS: Art for AIDS Orphans in Uganda
Empower youth with a voice to share their stories. This project connects AIDS orphans in Uganda with local and US artists through collaborative art projects and creative storytelling. Learn more
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Location: Uganda | Theme: Education | Need: $28,000
project picture
HOPE HIV/AIDS: Fighting AIDS in Zimbabwe
This project expands resources in Zimbabwean communities, where AIDS is a serious threat. The effort empowers people to fight the epidemic though focusing primarily on community-based action. Learn more
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Location: Zimbabwe | Theme: Health | Need: $30,000
project picture
A community-run clinic in Sikoro for 28000 people
This project will be providing some funding, accountability, institutional support, technical support and consulting to a community committee that is in charge of creating a clinic for basic care. Learn more
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Location: Mali | Theme: Health | Need: $14,472