Wednesday, May 16, 2007

GlobalGiving Meets Sundance

In a short period, over 150 people have registered as Film Producers in the GlobalGiving Filmfest. Please help us spread the word to make this a new Global Sundance Festival!

Here is how it works. We ask project leaders in the field to provide raw video footage, photos, and anything else they want to send in. Then we allow people to take that footage to create a video. Producers can add their own music, text, and any other content they think is useful to produce a finished product designed to vividly convey the impact of the project in question. In June, once all the films are submitted, we will launch public voting for the best videos.

Here is a little video that Meredith Landis in our office made to explain how the GlobalGiving Filmfest works.

To make this video, Meredith used clips sent in by project leaders from countries such as Haiti, Gambia, Brazil, and India. Note that this film took her only an hour to create. She used free editing tools (I personally like OneTrueMedia best), and she has almost no film-making experience.

You can find out more here. And if you want to become a film producer yourself, go for it; it's easier than you think.