Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SocialEdge beats out the White House

Kudos to Victor D'Allant and Jason Clark at SocialEdge.org, a website run by the Skoll Foundation. Victor has recently launched a series of Global X videocasts that have rocketed to the top of the podcast ratings on iTunes, at one point edging out the White House podcast and more recently crashing Skoll's servers. Check the videocasts out at iTunes under the Podcast/Government section or watch them on SocialEdge.

Victor and Jason have been at the forefront of experimenting with new features and approaches on their newly revamped website. Last year, Victor convinced us to create the GlobalGiving Index, a weekly index of what's hot and what's not in international giving though our marketplace. This helped spur us to think more about syndicating information from GlobalGiving out to other websites.

Now Victor and Jason are both experimenting with new media (video) and syndicating out their own content to other sites such as iTunes. By carrying out such experiments and showing the way, SocialEdge is providing a major service to the sector as a whole.

Thanks, Victor and Jason.