Friday, June 01, 2007

You did THAT in FOUR weeks?

This small and intense project-based class is built around two team efforts to “spread” positive behavior, which will be bolstered by exposure to, and coaching from, industry experts and academics. The first project will be an initiative done with Mozilla, the second a project focused on building the user base of a social venture called Global Giving that runs an online marketplace connecting donors with social entrepreneurs globally.

That is an excerpt from the description of a recently completed course at the Stanford Design School called Creating Infectious Action, Kindling Gregarious Behavior (CIA-KGB!) The class was comprised of several inter-disciplinary groups. Each group typically included an MBA student, an engineering student, a computer science student, and a law student, sociologist, or other social scientist. Their mission was - in the space of four short weeks - to learn all about GlobalGiving and then to construct an operational web site or other channel that would spur people to sign up and support project. Each group took a different point of view in terms of the target audience, what that audience cares about, and what would spur them to take action.

Here is the first site, called GlobalGiving Champions. In coming posts, I will show you what the other groups did. I was absolutely stunned by what each could deliver in such a short period.

Champion of the Week


Min Liu


More info here about this extraordinary class at Stanford.