Monday, December 17, 2007


Many people have asked me about my last post. So let me allow Robert to elaborate here via video, because it is a *very* good deal.

If you have a favorite project on GlobalGiving, now is the time to act. With relatively modest effort, you can dramatically increase the chance the project may be awarded an additional $50,000.

This is the democratization of philanthropy at work. The Case Foundation and Parade Magazine are putting up $50,000 for each of the four projects on GlobalGiving that attract the most donors through a single fundraiser.

That's right - the highest number of donors, not the largest amount of donations. Minimum donation size is $10.

Go here to get started.

And even if your project does not win $50,000, it will still be eligible for one of fifty $1,000 runners-up prizes. Seriously, this is a great deal - don't pass it up.