Friday, April 11, 2008

Bye, Dana!

Tonight we are having a going away party for Dana Messick Ledyard, who has been part of the DNA of GlobalGiving over the past three years. She initially worked with us as a summer intern four years ago, and then joined our staff just before the Tsunami about three years ago.

Dana was the perfect team member to have at a young and growing organization: she was totally committed to the mission, and willing to do whatever it took to accelerate the development of our marketplace of goodness. One minute she would be deep in the spreadsheets ensuring that project disbursements got out on time, and the next she would be on the phone helping a project leader get through some crisis.

I could go on, but the following video of Dana talking about Stella, one our our star project leaders, says it much better than I could. And if this moves you as much as it does me, then please consider donating to Stella's project here: