Monday, August 13, 2012

My Taxi Driver Throw Me Out...

Tahmina Kohistani (Credit: The Telegraph, London)
Tahmina Kohistani is what this blog is all about:
“My taxi driver throw me out on the street when I told him I was training for Olympics,” said Tahmina Kohistani, Afghanistan’s only woman at the Games, in the halting English she had learned through mail-order language courses. “He said, ‘Get behind the man. You are disgrace to Muslim women.’ My coach fought other men outside the stadium where I train because they do not think I should run. But my country will remember me forever one day. They will see I am the right one and other girls will watch me and I will tell them, ‘Come, run with me. Run with me, Tahmina.’ ”
Who could fail to pull for this underdog?

(Full story.)

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